Seiko 508GS Printhead (12 pl)

This Seiko 508GS 12 pl solvent printhead is suitable for a range of printers, including SID GS printers. The Seiko 508GS
is a state of the art grayscale print head with a built-in damper assembly and a nozzle guard.

The Seiko 508GS 12 pl (ref. IRH2533U-2410) is an extremely versatile inkjet printhead which delivers superior performance across a wide range of applications. Compatible with aqueous, UV, solvent and oil based inks, the 508GS is highly adaptable.

Grayscale printing mode improves print quality on various media with less ink consumption.

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Seiko 508GS 12pl
Active nozzles508
Print width2.82″ (71.8 mm)
Native resolution180 dpi
Max. resolution1440 dpi
Printhead weight (dry)
Fluid type
Drop volumeMultiples of 12 pl (up to 7 drops)
Typical firing frequency18 kHz (and multiples)
Dimensions (WxDxH)