Perforated Vinyl Film | Graphcal™ GO1000

The Perforated Vinyl Film | Graphcal™ GO1000 features a removable pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and is backed with two sided polyurethane coated white release liner. This material easily absorbs ink and thus makes graphics pop out and look brilliant. Designed for one-way view graphics.

The Perforated Vinyl Film | Graphcal™ GO1000, white gloss with black backing for use on even transparent substrates such as glass. After printing on the film surface the picture becomes visible because the perforated black backing allows light to pass through. The printable area is 60% of the total surface. The perforated area is 40%


Film thickness160μm (6.3 mil)
Release liner140gsm
Pressure sensitive adhesiveRemovable, transparent color
Available dimensions:54″ x 150′ (1.37m x 45.7m)